Wrestling Camps​Coach LeBlanc is dedicated to providing premier wrestling camps that are designed to help athletes maximize their mat-time and skill development throughout the camp. With step by step technique breakdown, individually tailored skill instruction based on the needs of the campers, and hands-on teaching for each camp participant. We make it a priority to ensure that every athlete has a solid grasp on the various forms of wrestling development addressed throughout the camp and we are dedicated to bringing out the best in every athlete. See our wrestling camps page for more information about setting up a camp or attending a camp near you. 

One-on-one: Available to wrestlers of all ages, this is the perfect option for an athlete looking for a personalized technique and skill instruction session aimed towards building upon the wrestlers strengths and addressing possible areas of weaknesses. Athletes are even encouraged to bring footage of a few matches to review with Coach LeBlanc who will offer constructive instruction to help the athlete improve.  Visit our one-on-one page for more information on how to sign-up for the most individually focused training available by working on an personal basis with a 4x NCAA Division 1 All-American!

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